Lots of Stories, Some
        Cartoons and a Few Poems by D.W. Walker



I don't write much poetry. I've always preferred comic strips and cartoons if I want to make a point in a short space. But recently I've discovered that sometimes, a poem can tell the story in a different way, and can be lots of fun. And, of course, it can be performed in public, so you can get a few laughs (or winces or groans).

Most of these were performed at the annual Poets Lunches held at the Australian National University. The first three at the second generation of lunches, the last of which was in 2001, and most of the rest at the third generation, held by a much smaller group and hosted by the ANU Emeritus Faculty. For most of the lunches there was a theme, which was useful to trigger ideas. The second generation lunches had a large attendances and competitive selection process, the third generation ones peer review within the group. The poems for each ANU lunch were published in a booklet: the second generation ones by Aberrant Genotype Press, the third generation ones by Boris Books. The poems from the ANU lunches also appear on the ANU Emeritus Faculty web site at www.anu.edu.au/emeritus/poets . In 2008 and 2009, the ACT Writers Centre organised Poets Lunches. The poems from these were published by Boris Books.

The poems are:

Enjoy them.

Updated 3/12/21